Welcome on my web page. I am currently a Ph.D. student in nonlinear control theory under the supervision of Witold Respondek from LMI (Rouen) and Emmanuel Trélat from LJLL (Paris).



I am playing online chess on Lichess. I’m always up for a game, so if you see me online, drop a challenge!

Always great games on Lichess TV:

Since 2014 I have been a leader in a scout troup. With 1 or 2 friend we educate about 23 boys and girls (first 8-11 years old and latter 14-17 years old) to today’s world issues.

To me one of the most important scout event this last years is the meeting You’re Up in 2015 in Strasbourg (France) where 15000 young (from 14 to 17) met and discuss about the place of young in Europe. During this meeting they wrote and signed a Resolution for the Europe of tomorrow.

Click here for informations about the scouting in France and here the specific association I belong to.