iathena  3.0.0
iathena Documentation

IATHENA is a chess engine built in C++ using the UCI protocol. IATHENA is deployed on Lichess. If online, please feel free to drop a challenge.

Getting Started

You are welcome to use IATHENA for your own personnal projects, to clone the repo :

git clone https://github.com/tschmoderer/iathena.git

IATHENA code is located in CPP_IATHENA folder. Run make to compile your own version of IATHENA.

cd src

If you want to deploy IATHENA on Lichess please check the Lichess API documentation. And use lichess-bot wrapper to deploy.

You can deploy IATHENA in any chess server you like, please let the author know you have deployed IATHENA, see the Contact section below.


The project is fully documented with doxygen and is available at https://tschmoderer.github.io/iathena/.


  • 0.0 : iathena skeleton is finished (class BOARD, MOVE, ENGINE),
  • 0.5 : IA based on basic alpha beta search,
  • 0.6 : iterative deepening,
  • 0.7 : basic position evaluation,
  • 0.8 : use of an openning book,
  • 0.9 : use transposition table,
  • 1.0 : iathena is fully operationnal, first release,
  • 1.5 : iathena suport chess960, and other variants
  • 2.0 : iathena use endgame table basics
  • 3.0 : iathena can read a pgn and analyse a game
  • 4.0 : iathena has a mcts search function
  • 5.0 : iathena mcts and alpha-beta search functions are coupled


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License - see the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for details.



You can contact IATHENA developper to make any feedback or comment at email. Please let us know if you deploy IATHENA on your own server.